10 Useful tips for jet wash cleaning using a pressure washer to make your life easier
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10 Useful tips for jet wash cleaning using a pressure washer to make your life easier

10 Useful tips for jet wash cleaning using a pressure washer to make your life easier

A video advertisement was doing the rounds even a few weeks ago. Chances are quite high you have come across it. A driveway brownish with filth and dirt build-ups turns sparking bright when blasted with a powerful jet of water. This video is not a work of fantasy but highly realistic. It reveals the magic of pressure washer. So this brings us to the question what is a pressure washer?

According to trained professionals who provide pressure jet wash in London to clients explain pressure washer is a device that is meant for spray water with sufficient power and force to remove tough grime from different surfaces outdoors. But is it really worth spending few hundred pounds on it? The doubt has a strong point indeed. Obviously the device is a game-changer if you want to have your car clean and sparkling with minimal effort. Apart from that the tiny gadget can help you in several other ways while making your life easier and more comfortable. Let us take a stock of these features in the following section of the blog post.

Stunning uses of a pressure washer

There are more reasons than one can count to invest in pressure washers. Few examples are given below.

  • Driveways – driveways are vulnerable to harsh weather round the year as well as lot of foot traffic. There are several ways to clean a driveway but nothing is as easy, fast, convenient and hassle-free as a pressure washer. The device easily removes dust and dirt build-ups from the surface of the filthiest driveways effortlessly almost in no time leaving it clean and sparkling.
  • Exteriors of homes – if you want to restore the paint on the exterior of your home without a fresh coat then you really need to pressure washer. The device also proves helpful cleaning stucco that looks dull and grimy. In fact, according to the professionals, the device proves ideal to clean every type of house exteriors. The most common exteriors of any house that are pressure washed are the siding and brick walls.
  • Porches – skilled and experienced cleaners working at the renowned VIP Carpet Cleaning London point out that pressure washing is not just limited to upgrading the look. In certain cases it also ensures safety. For example after a lengthy spell of rain spanning over days together when you pressure wash your wood deck it prevents growing of mildews. It is ideal to hold the nozzle of your pressure washer at least 2 to 3 feet from the targeted wood surface while blasting the water jet for faster and expected results.
  • Fencing – when you find one of the painted surfaces already flaking and it needs to be removed, then a pressure washer is what you need to make your task easier.
  • Cleaning outdoor furniture – a pressure washer is ideal equipment to clean furniture that is made from vinyl, wood and plastic. In fact cleaning outdoor patio furniture is best done with this tiny gadget. But do all the cleaning in a wide and open space like backyard. Your other belongings will not get wet this way.

Now let us discuss few innovative ways of using a pressure washer. These techniques – or at least the most of them – are not so popular. But these are tried and tested ways that work.

Lesser known but effective ways to use a pressure cleaner

  • Prep work before painting – you have to clean a surface before painting. As far outdoor surfaces are concerned, those can be easily cleaned with a pressure washer. This cleaning can easily include your patio furniture and fencing as well other than the outer walls and brickwork.
  • Entrance at the front, stairs and walkways – it takes hardly 10 minutes with a pressure washer to clean the stairway and the walkways in your home. In fact the tool proves efficient giving your home an instant facelift. You can clean the entrance to the front of your home with this device.
  • Cleaning swimming pool – by end of every summer gunk gets deposited in between the tiles of the swimming pool. This has to be cleared away on time. As such the task takes up a lot of time and effort in the last phases of summers. Here is an easy and effective way to get the job done. The tip is provided by professionals highly trained and skilled in jet wash cleaning. Drain water from the pool and let it completely dry up. Sweep up the accumulated debris. Start washing the walls of the pool using detergent and powerful jet of water from a pressure washer. Make sure to clean bottom up. Make sure to dispose and any displace any algae that may be growing.
  • Cleaning outdoor toys – you can also clean your bike, slides, play sets and wagons using a pressure washer faster and with greater ease. But in each of these cases remember to use the low setting of the device. You may start with a 40 degrees nozzle because the surfaces are easily prone to scratch.
  • Cleaning garbage cans – getting rid of both filthy smell and germs from your garbage can you can clean it once in a while using the pressure washer. Place enough water and detergent inside the trash bin and leaver it for at least an hour. Then drain away the soapy liquid and spray water jet on the bin from the sides.

Tips to choose the ideal pressure washer to meet your needs

Varieties of the gadget are readily available in the market. So it is quite confusing to select the best model to cater to all your needs and requirements. Here are a few tips to make your task easier. Two most crucial factors to consider while buying a pressure washer are –

  • How often will you use it?
  • What type of cleaning you intend to perform?

If you search online using strings like “pressure jetwash cleaning Near Me” from anywhere in London, your search will lead you the Vip Carpet Cleaning London. Experts associated with this reputed cleaning company suggest for lighter-duty cleaning like cleaning outdoor furniture, washing the car a cordless cold water pressure cleaner is sufficient. There are lightweight models that have steel wand, adjustable nozzle and such other features. The device should also have certain safety mechanisms to prevent electrical shock. On the other hand for heavy-duty cleaning gas powered models are more suitable.

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